Photo : Wided Batat

Wided Batat

Wided Batat is a Professor of Marketing. She joined EM Normandie in 2020. Wided has a PhD in management science awarded by the Université de Poitiers in 2008, and a research supervision accreditation (HDR) awarded by the Université de Pau in 2013 covering new ‘Generation Y’ consumption cultures in the Web 2.0 society. She is a qualified University Professor. Her research interests include experiential and transformative approaches to consumer behaviour, and marketing practices in the digital era. In her roles as a professor, researcher and bilingual author (French/English), she adopts a sociocultural approach to consumption practices, primarily through ethnographic studies. She has won a number of prizes for her main publications, which include research articles published in leading international scientific journals, and a number of books in both French and English. She is Head of the Marketing Department.

Photo : Getting Phygital with Consumers

Getting Phygital with Consumers

The digital era accelerated as consumer activities such as booking travel moved online thanks to smartphones, mobile apps, virtual and extended reality, and other emerging technologies. The marketplace is now a bridged environment, with tech-savvy consumers regularly crossing back and forth between physical places and digital spaces. This evolution hasn’t just delivered business customers more […]

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Photo : Designing food experiences for well-being

Designing food experiences for well-being

This special issue seeks to expand the research conducted to date, and approach the relationship between design thinking and well-being through a broad lens-focusing on food consumption activities. This special issue builds on the recent literature on food consumption and consumer well-being (Addis and Holbrook, 2019; Batat, 2019; Batat et al., 2019; Block et al. […]

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