Photo : Yihan Wang

Yihan Wang

Yihan Wang is an Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship. He joined EM Normandie in 2020. He has a PhD in Administration (Specialist field: international business) from HEC Montreal, Canada, awarded in 2019. His thesis is an analysis of the Chinese aerospace industry. His research and teaching areas are international strategy, innovation networks and regional development.

Photo : Global connectivity and local clustering of “Made-in-China” Aircraft

Global connectivity and local clustering of “Made-in-China” Aircraft

Characterized by world-leading economic growth, rising middle class with increasing income, increasing market openness to FDI, and strong policy support from the government, China fuels global investors with large market volume and fast-growing potential in the aerospace sector.  As the world’s second-largest civil aviation market, China maintains long-term above-average growth in the aerospace industry. According […]

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Photo : Decoding China’s COVID‐19 ‘virus exceptionalism’

Decoding China’s COVID‐19 ‘virus exceptionalism’

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic incurs enormous challenges in public health and socioeconomic life globally. The high transmissibility, long incubation period, and existence of asymptomatic patients expose the ineffectiveness of traditional mitigation techniques (e.g., wearing masks, keeping physical distance, restricting long‐distance travels), furthermore, lead to the dilemma between halting the viral spread and maintaining economic growth for the government decision-makers.   As response, timely and accurate contact tracing […]

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