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Reflections on the economy and finance in France and internationally.

“Covid–19 has brought unprecedented tragic consequences for individuals and companies alike. Since the outbreak of this pandemic, all countries have been struggling to maintain a difficult balance between economic losses and their citizens’ health safety. Governments adopted exceptional monetary and fiscal stimulus packages as a response to revitalizing inflicted economies. The way out of the […]

Food waste is a major problem leading to overproduction, pollution and degradation of the environment.  For a better management of perishable inventories, we analyze a base-stock inventory model corresponding to inventories in shops with fruits and vegetables. Our study reveals important differences in performance evaluation when the common assumptions of deterministic or exponential lifetimes are used.  A better […]

“Work, freedom, dignity” was one of the many slogans that Tunisians chanted in 2011 to vent their frustration with the government of president Ben Ali, which they accused of having looted the country for over two decades. In less than four weeks, Tunisia’s “Jasmine” revolution forced the president to flee, and his regime to tumble. […]

Si les étudiants sont de plus en plus sensibles et sensibilisés à la notion d’éthique, appliquer leurs principes dans le monde de l’entreprise n’est pas toujours aisé. Une réalité d’autant plus vraie dans le secteur de la finance ! En encadrant les opérations financières par des principes moraux qui leurs sont propres,  les religions peuvent-elles constituer […]