Webinar: Boosting Organizational Hyper-Performance with Artificial Intelligence

We are delighted to announce a series of free webinars open to you, your colleagues and your students – a great opportunity to broaden perspectives on the suggested topics and exchange with our international faculty!

The next one on April 7th is about Artificial Intelligence: Achieving managerial excellence through the advances of man-machine symbiosis. Intertwining the depth of human change with the power of modern technologies. Successful future organizations will master the human-technology co-evolution.

To participate, please register here. Once done, you will get the link to the session(s).


Smart objects allow for physical or physiological Self-Tracking and Self-Quantification. The Quantified-Self provides Self-Knowledge through Self-Tracking with technology, where data collection is performed through Self-Monitoring using combined wearable technologies, i.e. sensors and computing systems (Maltseva, Lutz, 2018). The Quantified-Self movement is therefore a means to learn more about the meaning of technology in the context […]

Innovation is nowadays a primary key success factor and among the most important capacities to maintain competitive advantage in a fast-changing world. In their recent paper, Boubaker, Guizani, and Lakhal examine the effect of firm innovation on stock price crash risk. Using a sample of French publicly-traded firms covering 2007–2016, they find that innovative firms are more likely to […]