Webinar: Boosting Organizational Hyper-Performance with Artificial Intelligence

We are delighted to announce a series of free webinars open to you, your colleagues and your students – a great opportunity to broaden perspectives on the suggested topics and exchange with our international faculty!

The next one on April 7th is about Artificial Intelligence: Achieving managerial excellence through the advances of man-machine symbiosis. Intertwining the depth of human change with the power of modern technologies. Successful future organizations will master the human-technology co-evolution.

To participate, please register here. Once done, you will get the link to the session(s).


As many other sectors, the travel and tourism industries faced great challenges following the 2019/20 Covid-19 pandemic, with lockdowns and border closures bringing travel to a halt. With the likely prolongation of social distancing measures and increasing health consciousness, service firms may need to reduce the amount of direct interactions between customers and frontline staff, encouraging the use of […]

Smart objects allow for physical or physiological Self-Tracking and Self-Quantification. The Quantified-Self provides Self-Knowledge through Self-Tracking with technology, where data collection is performed through Self-Monitoring using combined wearable technologies, i.e. sensors and computing systems (Maltseva, Lutz, 2018). The Quantified-Self movement is therefore a means to learn more about the meaning of technology in the context […]