Engaged Fatherhood for Men, Families and Gender Equality

Photo : Engaged Fatherhood for Men, Families and Gender Equality

This aim of this open access book is to launch an international, cross-disciplinary conversation on fatherhood engagement. By integrating perspective from three sectors—Health, Social Policy, and Work in Organizations—the book offers a novel perspective on the benefits of engaged fatherhood for men, for families, and for gender equality. The chapters are crafted to engaged broad audiences, including policy makers and organizational leaders, healthcare practitioners and fellow scholars, as well as families and their loved ones. 

This book is open access, which means that you have free and unlimited access. This open access book presents a novel multidisciplinary perspective on the importance of fatherhood for families and gender equality. Focuses on an integrated perspective on social as well as organizational policies for supporting fatherhood. Includes insights into the cultural and practical barriers to elevating fatherhood.

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    Sabrina Tanquerel Sabrina Tanquerel is an Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management and Personal Development. She joined EM Normandie in 2011. She has a PhD in management science from the Université de Strasbourg, awarded in 2014. Her thesis is on the gendered norm of work-life balance policies in organisations. Her research interests are work-life balance policies, cross-national comparisons of the interaction between work and non-work spheres, gender equality and wellbeing at work. Prior to joining the School, she worked abroad for 8 years in different multinational companies.

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